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If you just found out you were conceived using donated sperm or eggs, we want you to know you are not alone. We get that finding out one of your biological parents is an anonymous donor can change your life, and your identity, forever.


Relative Identity

When motivational speaker and fitness guru Danny Johnson was only 13 years old, she learned that her biological father was a mystery sperm donor.

At the time, she was stunned and burdened by her family’s secret in a way that completely upended her sense of self all through her adolescence, and well into adulthood.

But 23 years later, with the help of 23andMe, Danny has discovered not just her biological father, Bruce, but 21 of her donor siblings, completely redefining her and her half-siblings’ notion of family and identity. Click here to watch on Vimeo.


The Need To Know

At age 29, Amber shockingly discovered that her father wasn’t her biological father through a 23andMe DNA test. After confronting her parents with the family secret that she was donor conceived, Amber found her biological father. But what happens after the happy family reunion? Follow Amber on the search for ethics and legislation in the unregulated fertility industry. Click here to watch on Vimeo.

Donor Dad

In the space of a few seconds, Ken Allen’s life was changed forever. The schoolteacher was on a lunch break when he got the startling news: he was the father of eleven children he never knew he had. Watch the highly emotional journey on this episode of Sunday Night (from Australia).